Vadym Oleynik

Worlds strongest calisthenics athlete!

My achievements

Master of sports

Calisthenics & Sambo

calisthenics coach / judge

Globally requested

World champion


Master class

NFC Poland 2013 & Nike JDQsummer 2018

worlds strongest calisthenics athlete - vadym oleynik

About me

I'm one of the worlds strongest calisthenics athletes, known for my skills on the bar and inhuman strength. I try to influence people to live a healthier and happier life. For me, this includes some heavy work on both my mindset and body physique. My goals are to work with major brands to create a community of dedicated people working together to grow and improve the circumstances of the calisthenics world.


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Nike invited me to help promoting the new #JDQSUMMER program. Nike is branching into calisthenics and I’m very excited to see them bring my favorite sports to a new level!

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Focus Camp 2017

Focus Camp 2017

Calisthenics at the sunny beach. Following my passion of teaching to the heavenly place of Guatemala! Find out what happened there…

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Having years of experience in what I do, it’s time for me to pass my knowledge on to those who are seeking it. It’s so much fun to help people discover the amazing world of calisthenics and other sports. It’s a home for everyone. I'm happy to have held more than 100+ workshops already!

I provide high intensity workshops all over the globe! Will you be at my next workshop? Find out about my workshop schedule below. Read more

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