About Me

More about the strongest calisthenics athlete in the world.


It’s been 20 years since I started dedicating my life to sports of all kind. While looking for meaning and purpose in life, I figured out that YOURSELF first should be the the center of your actions. This doesn’t mean you have to be an egocentric person - by giving yourself priority, you will establish a lifestyle your friends and family will only benefit from. Only a happy person can give his best to make other people happy aswell. My mission: I want to give you the tools to become happy. I want to help you develop your mindset and body physique to how you want it to be - and therefore become more happy and fulfilled with yourself.

My journey started with a martial art called „Sambo“. Sambo is a russian-soviet fighting sport, which combines most of the worlds famous fighting styles into one. But it didn’t teach me how to fight. It taught me discipline. It made me work on my mindset and made me develop the strong will to always give my best. It didn’t just strengthen my body, but also my mind.

As I turned 9, I discovered calisthenics. I continued doing martial arts but also focused on developing skills in my new found passion.

As I turned 17, I fully committed myself to calisthenics, making it my goal to become one of the best calisthenics athletes of the world. I moved to Poland to focus on my career, even though I already made myself a name on several competitions across Ukraine and Russia.

As of today, I’m proud of having a platform, to give people the opportunity to benefit from my experience and to give motivation to thousands of people. I am happy and therefore can make others happy too. Mission accomplished.


One of my greatest pleasures is being able to compete in competitions around the world. Here are the tournements I competed in over the past few years. Most of which ended in a success.

Competition Location Year
World championship Latvia/Riga 2013
Final World Cup Russia/Moscow 2013
Ghetto games Latvia/Jurmala 2013
World Cup Norway/Oslo 2013
World Cup Estonia/Tallinn 2013
World Cup Spain/Madrid 2013
World Championship Russia/Moscow 2014
Final World Cup Norway/Oslo 2014
World Cup Germany/Cologne 2014
Ghetto games Latvia/Jurmala 2014
Pull and Push France/Paris 2014
World Cup Poland/Katowice 2014

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