Focus Camp 2017


the client

The client invited me to come over to Guatamala. Having never been there, it was a very interesting opportunity for me to explore more of this great world. The group was very energetic, and I very much enjoyed the conversations with them.

the event

Guatemala. A quick google search will show you stunning buildings of the Maya, lots of trees and other greens and one of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen. That’s exactly where I was invited to help out in the „Focus Camp 2017“. It was a fun time and a great experience there, as I didn’t just teach people on how to improve in Calisthenics but also got to see and learn so many new things, especially about the local culture. I also joined a very experienced team of other instructors who weren’t just incredibly skilled in what they do and were great at teaching others. I’d love to revisit one day.

Focus Camp 2017 - event thumbnail

my experience

The environmnent in Guatamala was very intriguing and obviously very different from what I'm used to in Ukraine. Working out in the heat changes the feeling of a workout. It was awesome to help these people improve and get closer to their goals.

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