Calisthenics workshops


I can teach everyone! Whether your workshop is targeted to beginners or advanced athletes. Teaching people how to get started or improving their techniques is my passion.

My Qualification within Calisthenics

With titles such as „ the strongest calisthenics athlete of the world“ and „#1 World Champ“ I am proud to have gathered not only the most prestige worthy titles of calisthenics, but a large following on social media too. Roughly 220 thousand people can’t be wrong, right? Book me and become part of my 20 years long journey of developing calisthenics skills not only for myself, but for every one.


Marco Russo
Event organiser - Milan, Italy

Vadym's approach was very different from many of the other workshop I've organized. His personal approach and very practical methods fit very well with our audience. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

Mark Müller
Owner - Kulmbach, Germany

Our workshop went amazing. He adapted to the different levels of experience our audience has and worked very hard on helping the people who were struggling to find practical ways to get better. Very enjoyable and interesting.

How to book me

Book me by contacting me through email:


I do workshops all over the world, below is a list of the countries I've done workshops in over the past few years.

Norway Spain Guatamala United Arabic Emirates
Denmark Italy Ecuador Bahrain
Switzerland Chile Poland Mexico
Estonia Russia Israel Colombia
Latvia Slovakia Moldova Panama
Lithuania Czech Republic France Costa Rica
Germany Croatia Libanon Equador
Nicaragua Salvador Honduras Spain
Switzerland Sweden

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